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Jibok Pharmaceuticals is a marketing company of pharmaceuticals product with a vision of good quality of medicine to the ailing people. We have shaped its density, expand its horizons and provide to be the one vital differential that distinguishes Jibok from the rest.
Director Desk
It is the leadership provided by the man at the top who normally decides the policies and strategies’ that are followed by the organization. Jibok is fortune to have five Directors who handle the various departments to achieve their coveted goal.
Mr.Pradip Kumar Ghosh, a M.D who is valiant in his decision and look after the marketing entirely, and have a tremendous repo with the Doctor’s.
Mr. Rajesh Sah who is young among the five Directors’ looking after the entire Finance As well As Production of the product and he is not Belief in Tomorrow.
Mr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh is a full time Sales Director who is forceful as well as cam and knows how to handle people
Mr. Satyajeet Acharjee is a full time Director who is Sharpe and looking after the Admistration of the Company.
Jibok's Vision
Preserve & improve human life through innovation.
Ensure Quality, Reliability, safety & Excellence.
Mankind is our Priority & not profit.
Practice Honesty, Integrity & Ethics in all aspects of Business.
Work with Passion, commitment & enthusiasm.
Committed to new concept of new Molecules.
Acknowledge our responsibility towards our customer, As well as towards society at large.
Grow as Company & be a Benchmark for Growth & Quality in Pharmaceuticals Industry.