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Jibok Pharmaceuticals is a marketing company of pharmaceuticals product with a vision of good quality of medicine to the ailing people. We have shaped its density, expand its horizons and provide to be the one vital differential that distinguishes Jibok from the rest.
What is jibok
Jibok was born in mid of 2007 with the vision to provide invaluable service to mankind by serving a Quality, economical medicines. Five pharmaceutical people come together from different sectors of pharma to adopt a focused approach but with diversified strategies to beat the competition & ensure a place for themselves in the immensely competitive driven Pharmaceutical industry.
People are a precious assets and also a scare one at Jibok, we successfully tackles the twin challenges of talent acquisition and attrition.
Delivery of Quality tested product is the care aim of our company. Quality Aspects is looked after by the Quality Assurance Department of manufacturer unit as well as by our side, and after gating a product test report we assured the product efficacy report second time in our state laboratories recognized by the Drug Department , then only we supply the product in the market.
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Jibok's Vision
Preserve & improve human life through innovation.
Ensure Quality, Reliability, safety & Excellence.
Mankind is our Priority & not profit.
Practice Honesty, Integrity & Ethics in all aspects of Business.
Work with Passion, commitment & enthusiasm.
Committed to new concept of new Molecules.
Acknowledge our responsibility towards our customer, As well as towards society at large.
Grow as Company & be a Benchmark for Growth & Quality in Pharmaceuticals Industry.